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Windshield Replacement Services

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If you’re in Myrtle Beach, SC or Mesa, AZ or surrounding areas and need windshield replacement, you’re in the right place. At Showtime Auto Glass, we provide top-notch windshield replacement services that are both high-quality and affordable. Our experienced team is committed to getting you back on the road quickly and safely.

Windshield Replacement – Expertly Executed

ShowTime Auto Glass has been the go-to specialist for windshield replacement services for over 5 years. We’ve served more than 20,000 customers during this time, and we take pride in our 98% satisfaction rating. Recognized with an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau, along with 4.5 stars on Yelp, and 4.7 stars on Google, we continue to deliver excellent service. If you need to arrange a windshield replacement, reach out to us today at (480) 896-2299 or (843) 212-6511.


Windshield Replacement – Modern Techniques

Advancements in windshield replacement technology have been vast over the past century. Originally crafted from solid glass panels that shattered upon impact, windshields have undergone numerous transformations. After the notable Pane vs. Ford case, Ford Motor Co. began fitting tempered glass, also known as “safety glass”, in vehicles as early as 1917. The revolutionary French technique, “glass laminating”, marked another significant turning point in windshield technology. This new design comprised two glass layers with a cellulose inner layer, improving safety by preventing glass separation during collisions. By 1929, all Ford vehicles were equipped with these improved laminated windshields.


Windshield Replacement

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How to Book Your Windshield Replacement

Arranging your windshield replacement is quick and hassle-free, generally taking between 5-15 minutes. Upon receiving your call, we will liaise with your insurance company and process the claim. Once we confirm coverage and obtain a claim/referral number, we’ll schedule your service. We offer both in-shop and mobile windshield replacement to suit your convenience.


Windshield Replacement – Reliability You Can Depend On

We ensure all the windshield parts we use meet OEM Quality standards and are certified for durability and functionality. Each windshield we install is brand new and sourced directly from the factory. Some vehicle models feature advanced windshield enhancements such as rain sensors, electrochromic mirrors, lane departure warning systems, and 3rd visors. We use a sophisticated V.I.N. decoder to secure the best windshield for your specific vehicle model. Don’t forget to check our Coupon page for some cash-back opportunities!


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Frequently Asked Questions about Windshield Replacement:
– How long does the windshield replacement take?
– What’s the cost of windshield replacement?
– Where can I find windshield replacement near me?

Windshield Replacement – The Procedure

Claim Filing

To proceed with your windshield replacement, we’ll need to set up an insurance claim or provide you with a cash price. Once this is done and an appointment scheduled, you can either bring your vehicle to our shop or we can come to your location.


The Removal

Prior to any work, we document any existing vehicle damage or imperfections to ensure we leave it as we found it. We start by taking off the windshield wipers and the cowl, a plastic component typically partially hidden by the hood. Next, we remove any side moldings as required and proceed with the windshield cut-out—a task strictly performed by our certified technicians for safety. After the windshield is removed, we cleanse the opening’s inner edge, the pinch weld, of any surplus urethane.


The Installation

In preparing the new windshield for installation, we conduct a thorough inspection for any imperfections or factory defects. Once the windshield is deemed fit, we clean its interior, remove any external stickers and labels, and apply any necessary on-glass moldings. We’re now ready to apply fresh urethane to the cleansed pinch weld of the vehicle. Care is taken to ensure the urethane bead’s height and thickness are appropriate for the specific vehicle. After the urethane is in place, we use a “bone” to create a seamless seal to prevent water or air leakage.

Following this, we attach suction cups to the new windshield and delicately position it on the fresh adhesive. It is then pressed gently around the edges to secure the bead to the frit band. Tape is applied to maintain the windshield’s position and avoid any displacement due to its weight.


The Drive Away

Finally, we reinstall the side moldings, cowl, and windshield wipers. Your vehicle is safe to drive immediately after the installation with a “2-hour roll-away time,” referring to the minimum time needed for the windshield to withstand an impact effectively. We recommend leaving the tape on for two days, not taking your vehicle to a commercial car wash for a week, and if possible, keep the windows rolled down 1/2 inch for a couple of days.

Your windshield replacement is complete! If you need to schedule your service, don’t hesitate to call us at (480) 896-2299 or (843) 212-6511.